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After having been through the gambit of Beachbody workouts I was feeling bored, unmotivated and alone on my fitness journey. A major sports injury all but finished that off as none of the pre programmed workouts accommodated post rehab recovery at a pace comfortable for me. Daniel has been a breath of fresh air providing me customized workouts for my fitness goals while being a positive motivation and I no longer feel alone in my fitness journey!

Devon Kauffeldt

Starting with SWET rejuvenated my entire approach to exercise. After four weeks of training I began to notice that I would wake up in the mornings and my back no longer hurt and I wasn't as stiff. I'd also wake up in the mornings full of energy and I would sleep through the night. After six weeks of training, I noticed a  significant increase in my strength, body power, and endurance.  I also began to see the muscle definition that I wanted. Now it seems like everyday I'm making progress with my fitness goals. 

One of my favorite things about SWET Training, is also the stable variety it gives me in my routine. I'm never bored with my workouts! It's also great waking up in the morning and knowing what my exercise plan is for that day. 

I'll also add that Daniel, is an awesome personal trainer. He's great at communicating and his fitness knowledge really shows. He even helped me with my diet too!   Can't recommend his service and SWET Training enough.

Michael Hopper

I retired a couple of years ago.  While working, I struggled to find the time and energy to exercise regularly.  When I started with Daniel, I knew my strength, endurance, and flexibility were close to zero. He listened to my goals and designed a program that not only met my immediate needs but provided a path for keeping active and for personal growth.  When I surpassed what I initially hoped to achieve I gained the confidence to continue with even more ambitious goals.


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