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Aerobic - What is the aerobic energy system? It is the way the body produces energy needed to perform. There are two other systems the the body can use, but the aerobic energy system is fuelled by fat and oxygen. Your body uses oxygen (the stuff you’re breathing in) and fat (either from food you’ve eaten, or fat that you’ve stored (ie. my mid section) to perform (in our case Resistance Training).

Resistance Training - (AKA Weight Lifting). Resistance training is a style of exercise using either body weight, or an external source to create resistance for our muscles to work against. Muscles are an important part of being human. They are essential for moving well, and keeping them healthy is a priority in my approach to health and wellness. A.R.T. will test, push and challenge your muscles resulting in strength, mobility (strength throughout full range of motion) and flexibility. Muscles burn lots of calories, and by training them often we are able to help our body drop less useful weight (excess fat). 

Characteristics of A.R.T.

    - Maintain a Heart Rate ~ 70% of HR max

    - Challenge multiple and/or isolated muscle group(s)

    - Balance the limiting factors of oxygen consumption (getting out of breath) and muscle fatigue (muscles giving out).

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